Wednesday 19th May
Day 3

Welcome to the Virtual Careers Week 2021 schedule. We have a jam packed program, some amazing presenters, and a wide variety of topics to suit all interests.

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Day 3 Wednesday 19th MayDay 3 Wednesday 19th May

Session 1

9.15am – 9:45am Trades at Tafe Building, Plumbing Engineering, Automotive

Gain industry-ready skills with one of many trade qualifications offered at Tafe.

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Session 1A

9.15am – 9:45am Education Scholarships

Explore local funding opportunities available to further your education experience.

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Session 2

9.50am – 10:20am Trades at Tafe Hospitality, Hair & Beauty, Sport & Recreation

Gain industry-ready skills with one of many trade qualifications offered at Tafe.

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Session 2B

9.50am – 10.20am Navigating Your Uni Years

Graduating in 2021? Here are some options and supports available to young people planning future study.

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Session 3

10.25am – 10.55am Trades in the Defence Force

Helpful advice for those looking for a career to the Australian Defence Force.

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Session 3C

10.25am – 10.55am Transition to Work

Enter the work force with confidence using these practical job seeking skills.

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Session 4

11.35am – 12.05pm Community Services at Tafe

Qualified Community Services workers are in demand. Discover what a role in Community Services includes.

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Session 4D

11.35am – 12.05pm What I Wish I Knew About Uni

Current students discuss their first 6 months of University life and offer some handy tips.

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Session 5

12.10pm – 12.40pm 21st Century Skills in the Workforce

From virtual meetings to smart workplaces – how do these skills really translate in a modern work environment.

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Session 5E

12.10pm – 12.40pm Tafe Credits and Uni - Q & A

Tafe qualifications can gain entry to university, providing an alternative pathway to the career you want.

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Session 6

12.45pm – 1.15pm Future Arts Careers

Witness the changing world of the arts with this feature on the Shepparton Art Museum and its workers.

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Session 6F

12.45pm – 1.15pm Roles in Rail – Shepparton Line Upgrade and V/Line

The Shepparton Line Upgrade is underway, and with that comes an array of job opportunities across multiple sectors.

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